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Since upgrading to the iPhone 6 last week, I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with some of the new functions and playing around with it. I’m a bit of a gadget geek and love all things Apple, so I’m really loving my new toy.  One of my favourite things about iPhone’s is the wide range of apps that are available from the app store. There must be an app for every aspect of life, admittedly some are completely useless, but there are some that I just couldn’t do without.

A lot of the apps on my phone are related to health and wellness. I think that we’re very lucky that we are from a generation that has technology at its fingertips, enabling you to keep track of your health so easily.  I’ve tested a few apps that have helped me to improve my health and wellbeing and have listed my 5 ultimate apps for healthy living that I just love.  

Think Dirty

Not only am I conscious about nourishing my body well from the inside, but I’m also concerned with what I’m slapping on the outside too. is an unbiased beauty product comparison app that alerts you about any potential nasties or toxic ingredients by simply scanning the barcode and offers cleaner alternatives.  

I’ve been on a scanning frenzy in my bathroom because I would like to clean up some of my skin care and it’s actually quite fun.  It’s not at all preachy, providing informative information about the ingredients listed in the products.  The only downside is that it’s very US dependent and doesn’t recognise many UK products, however, further reading has taught me that you can the app creators and they will add certain products to the database.  


One of my goals for 2015 is to do more meditation and I know that I’m late to the party with this app, but is just brilliant. Meditating really allows me to relieve some of the day’s stresses and find some inner peace, I always feel better for it afterwards.  Even though, I haven’t been meditating as much as I would like Headspace gives me the opportunity to get 10 minutes where I can clear my mind.  The app isn’t trying to convert you to a particular way of thinking or beliefs it solely concentrates on the meditation process. 


With so many health and fitness tracking apps out there it can be hard to keep up with your progress if you are using a couple at the same time.  is an umbrella app that can connect to all of your health apps and tracking devices, like RunKeeper, Strava and Fitbit, to give you an overall health score by analysing measurables such as hydration, sleep, nutrition, exercise etc. that it gathers from the individual apps.  I’ve recently downloaded this and thought that it was definitely worth sharing, it sounds like a fantastic way to stay motivated so that you keep up or improve your overall healthy living score.  


I’ve used this app a lot in the past when I was running more regularly to track my progress.  Although there are probably better running apps out there, is free to download and pretty decent at what it does.  I always find it so easy to use and I like how it allows you to track other forms of exercise as well as running.  Whether you are a serious marathon runner, running for fun or looking to start running I think that this is a great app that covers all bases.

Yoga Studio

Probably one of my favourite is this one that is dedicated to all things yoga.  I used to love going to hot yoga classes a few summers back, but I do like the convenience of getting out of bed and hitting those yoga poses in my pyjamas.  It covers all yoga ability levels and allows you to customise and create your own yoga classes even down to the atmosphere by picking your favourite music within the app.  Each class can be saved in your ‘studio’ for future reference and classes can be scheduled using the built-in calendar function.  A feature that I think is great is the  ‘poses’ tab where you are given step-by-step instructions on how to do each pose as well as the health benefits. 

What are your ultimate apps for healthy living?  Which ones have you found to be a complete waste of time?

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