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There will always be a birthday, graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special occasion where temptation will come and rear its ugly head.  Staying on track with a nutritional program when trying to shred the pounds is probably one of the hardest struggles that you will go through whilst on your diet.  You don’t have to break every rule or guideline of your diet to enjoy a celebration.  Such festivities should be happy moments in your life not moments filled with sadness or self-hate because you ate too much birthday cake.

There are some key points that you should take into consideration to be successful:

Moderation is your new best friend…

Treating yourself to a slice of cake isn’t going to do you any harm.  Forbidding all sumptuous foods from your diet will only make you want to indulge more and go back for a second slice and then a third.  Allow yourself a treat at a celebration so you have already registered it mentally and then you won’t feel guilty about having eaten it. 

It’s just like any other day…

It’s important to remember that the day of a birthday or special occasion is like any other day.  It is going to be harder because you will have more obstacles to deal with in the form of alcohol and calorific foods, but this doesn’t give you an excuse to over indulge.  To be successful plan your meals as you normally would, except avoid consuming any treats until you get to the big event.

Beware of the alcohol…

Indulging in a few cocktails or glasses of wine will not harm you.  This typically should be one glass for women and two for men.  Research has shown that red wine especially is good for your health- but don’t go over the top.  Mixed spirits and alcopops are highly calorific and high levels of alcohol over a prolonged period of time can cause irreversible liver damage.  If you are going to consume alcohol be wise about your choices and drink water in between each drink to keep you hydrated.

Be selective…

There’s often a lot of choice when it comes to food at special events or parties.  The key is to be selective and make your choices wisely.  Rather than just piling up your plate, survey the food that is on offer first then this way you will not over indulge.  Try and make your plate balanced to with a little of what you crave with a good amount of protein and veggies too. The protein and the veg will keep you full do you don’t over do it when desert arrives

Trying to avoid weight gain during a seasonal holiday or celebration is difficult, but if you make the right choices you can eat what you want and still have a good time!

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